I don’t think I can do it,I know damn well that I can’t.
Moving on from my girlfriend,when she was all that I had.
But I try to keep my head up and fake a smile that everyone wants to see.
However when I’m all alone,when it is just me.
I cry all night long,kick yell and scream,
When I’m calmed down,I lie in bed and just think.

Break up

She was my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. My heart dropped into my stomach and tied a knot every time. I would purposely make her laugh just so I could here that cute snort she had and I would seek for excuses to hold her and make sure she’s not sad. Her smile lit up my black hole of a world. She managed to break down all those walls that I’ve built up for years. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this,but I will push through and I will get over her….oh who am I kidding I damn well loved her. My only wish was to make her happy but when you can’t do that anymore it time to get over her. I still live her with all my heart but she doesn’t love me,at least what’s left.



  1. Love Yourself- Look into the mirror and say “I am beautiful.” Forget the flaws and make yourself smile. I don’t care if it doesn’t reach your eyes. It will.
  2. Wallow- Buy a gallon of ice cream and your favorite movies and sit in the dark. Then let every emotion you have wash over you. Be sad. Be…